Money Transfer Services
Life’s one constant factor is change, but another is money. Money is usually a constant but one that is on the move non-stop!  As a financial institution we commit to always facilitate these non-stop movements with utmost convenience to the customer.
Cash Transfers
At Orient Bank, we partner with 2 money transfer services:- Western Union and Moneygram.
Money transfer services under these agents are available mainly to individuals and there is no requirement for the sender or receiver to have an account with the bank.
  • Money can be sent or received both locally & internationally.
  • One does not need to have an account.
  • Transfer made within 10 minutes regardless of destination.
  • Charges are paid by the sender
  • Sender may generate a test question and answer
  • Money can be received at any payout branch within the destination country.
  • Dealing with multiple agents ensures that a broader coverage
  • Money transfers take less than 10 minutes to get to destination.
  • Recipient pays no fees.
  • Easily accessible at any of our Branches.
  • Fast , safe and reliable
  • Very convenient for movement of large sums of funds
  • Risk of forgeries is reduced as no cheque issuance is involved
  • World wide coverage
  • Proper and valid identification documents reflecting exact names (Work ID card, Passport or Driver’s License).
  • Correct names and address of sender.
  • Name of Country/city where funds are sent from.
  • Expected amount to be received.
  • Answer to test question where required
  • Should have a system reference number for the transaction.
Account Transfers
For clients - individuals and institutions with accounts in the bank, there are transactions that may require crossing between bank boarders in-country or internationally. Our internal process teams (clearing and international division) will promptly handle all such requests from our clients.
  • Orient Bank offers bulk salary processing as a method of crediting  salary schedules instantly for holders of salary accounts in the Bank
  • Salary schedules are processed in bulk and beneficiary accounts credited regardless of the account holding local bank.


  • Charge is UGX 2,000 per entry with Orient bank and UGX 5,000  per entry to other banks
  • Through a clearing process, Orient Bank clients are able to effect payments to beneficiaries whose accounts are opened up in other banks within the country.


  • Real Time Gross Settlement assures the client same day value.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer  will be received the following day
  • Cross boarder (Inward and Outward Telegraphic) transfers processed instantly.
  • The client MUST provide correct names and account details of recipient as well as name, account details and address of the beneficiary’s correspondent Bank


  • Fast, safe and reliable.
  • Very convenient for movement of large sums of funds.
  • Risk of forgeries is reduced as no cheque issuance is involved.
  • Worldwide coverage.