Business Academy
  • A duly completed registration form
  • A business Registration/Incorporation Certificate
  • Copy of a valid identity card
  • 1 passport photo


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ANY small business that has;

  1. Been in operation for One to Three years ( 12 to 36 months)
  2. An annual turnover of less than UGX 120 million
  • The Orient Business Academy is comprised of one-day weekly business management training for ten weeks on the following subjects;
    1. The Entrepreneurial Mindset
    2. Bookkeeping
    3. Competitive Market Analysis
    4. Marketing
    5. Human Resource Management
    6. Operations Planning
    7. Financial Planning
  • During the training, each business will develop a business growth plan and the best five business growth plans will receive free funding of up to UGX 20 million each to implement their business growth plans.
  • The weekly training will be followed by one-day business clinics every quarter to provide additional support to the trainees.

The Orient Business Academy is a programme aimed at providing small business owners with business management, entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy training.

The Academy is being run in partnership with Makerere University Business School and our objective is to help small businesses survive and grow and thereby contribute to job creation and economic growth.