Bill Payments
Our Bill Payments service is meant to facilitate payments by individuals and businesses into collection accounts of other Corporate entities offering the service for which a bill is to be paid. Such entities currently covered under our offering include UMEME, NWSC, URA, NSSF and KCCA and payments into their collection accounts can be done over the branch counters or via our self-service channels.
  • Payments via our self-service channels are restricted to account holders in Orient Bank.
  • Over the counter transactions are handled at a fee of 2,000/= and are relayed to the accounting system of the beneficiary entity instantly.
  • Payments under URA e-tax cover all domestic tax, customs tax and non-tax revenues and all require a unique Payment Registration Number.
  • We also handle payments for various fees levied by KCCA.
  • NWSC has an arrangement for Direct Debit Orders for its clients with us. You literary authorize the bank to debit your account by your month’s bill as and when produced by the utility company.
  • YAKA payments under UMEME allow for the client to be given a ‘ready-for-use’ token number upon completion of a deposit transaction at any branch. Ordinary UMEME bills can also paid for and the account in UMEME instantly reconciled.
  • Employers are able to remit schedules and funds for their employee contributions to NSSF both through our branch network and/or electronically using e-channels.
  • Deposits over the counter are made using customized deposit slips which ensures correct data capture.