OBL Treasury

Orient Bank Uganda has a fast and efficient treasury operation with professionals backed up by the latest technology, able to deliver tailor made solutions to address your specific needs.

OBL’s treasury helps to manage your risk in the currency and interest rate markets as well as providing solutions to reduce volatility of earnings, protect benchmarks and help you select strategies that are consistent with your objectives whilst managing a balance between Risk and Reward.

We offer a variety of Money market products, such as conventional deposits and investment investments in Government Securities.

One of the strengths of OBL Treasury is to provide competitive exchange rates on tap. Dealing with OBL enables you to be up to date with the foreign exchange international and regional market via OBL Treasury Bulletin through daily e-mail, which gives you a detailed analysis of the financial on goings   in the market and helps to take an informed decision at the right time.

Our Forex Products include;

Foreign Exchange Spot Transactions
This product enables you to buy or to sell local, regional and international foreign currencies at competitive market rates.

Forward Foreign Contracts
This contract enables you to buy/sell currencies at a pre-determined rate for delivery at a specified future date. This helps you to hedge against any currency volatility and safeguard against losses. They can also be customized to allow timing flexibility.

Currency Swap Agreements
This agreement enables the client to tide over temporary mismatches in offsetting currencies. You may also use swap provisions to dictate payment if market rates move beyond a certain level.

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