POS – Point Of Sale terminals

Economies keep growing and shifting in styles. Move with the times by transacting cashless. Whether you are our personal client or a merchant/business owner, this channel allows you to enjoy the benefits of sophisticated systems.

A POS terminal is a gadget that serves as an electronic cash register enabling bank customers to pay for goods and services using their Visa Cards. This channel operates in such a way that upon swiping or insertion, funds are transferred from the bank’s customer account to that of the seller or service provider commonly referred to as a Merchant. The POS terminals are positioned at Merchants’ places of business e.g. Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hotels and Restaurants, tours and travel e.t.c.

  POS Features

  • PIN based payment transactions
  • Supports mag stripe & chip cards


  • Reduces operational costs, eliminates cash handling risks and enhances security.
  • Convenience (Anytime at any merchant’s)