Personal Banking
At orient bank we provide you with financial solutions ranging from every day transactions to more complex financial solutions.  Choose from our wide range of products and services to meet your savings, investment and financing needs.
  1. Current accounts
  2. Savings accounts
  3. Financing options
Current account

This is a standard current account mainly characterised by a flat /bundled monthly fee. It is ideal for ‘cost-sensitive’ salaried individuals or small businesses whose accounts are not so busy.

A comprehensive salary account tailored for you packed with exciting features and offers.

Let’s call this an operational or transactional account suitable for both individuals and businesses. It is a current non-interest bearing account designed to facilitate daily transactions for a client that most likely needs to utilize cheque books.

Customer segmentation in any offering ensures that the right product is accorded the most appropriate client’s need. Since this product is a local currency interest-bearing current account, clients (individuals and businesses) that operate high turnovers and balances stand to benefit most from it.

Savings account

A convenient, safe and rewarding experience. Your money is always within your reach even as it earns interest with the Orient Classic Savings Account.

Foreign currency transactions are sensitive to fluctuations in the exchange rate.  However, saving and growing savings in pursuit of a target expense in that foreign currency is playing it safe. This deposit oriented interest-bearing dollar account is intended to help our client grow his/her interest revenue accruing from their savings in an international currency.

Saving is a great financial attribute that all of us need to inculcate in our little ones as well as ourselves. This minors’ account allows for parents/ guardians to save money for (and on behalf of) minors.

Most effective saving strategies are those that create and observe a timed specific realistic target. For example, several individuals desirous to make major acquisitions or visit sites like Mecca, Jerusalem, etc.

This non-transactional product is a plan to save monthly for a set period and is thus binding via a contractual agreement.

It’s usually echoed that a team accomplishes more than its individual members can do alone. An investment club (where members contribute periodically) brings together a group of people who pool their money to make investments.

The group usually will commit to explore an investment opportunity and  then decide to invest as a group based on the majority vote of the members.  The account is operated by nominated signatories who may choose to request for a cheque book.

This account is designed for university students to enable them to maintain an affordable bank account whilst studying and to ease payment of university fees and other personal engagements.

This account is to cater for Ugandans in the Diaspora who would like to open accounts back home and save and invest their monies.

We offer Competitive/attractive interest rates with varying maturity term periods to suit customer needs

Personal Loans
At Orient Bank we are your reliable financial partner and we take pride in your achievements. Our Loans are designed to meet your capital requirements and working capital needs.

Are you struggling to acquire your Buganda land Board title? The Orient Bank Kyapa loan is the right product for you. Get Financing from Orient Bank at competitive interest rates and become a land lord. Terms & Conditions Apply.