Corporate Banking
We are dedicated to providing a range of financial solutions for your business or organization whether you are looking to grow or are just starting out.  Our business offering caters for the financial needs of small medium-sized and big businesses and corporations .Our passion is to see your business grow and that’s why we offer so much more than a business bank account. Choose from our range of trade financing options and attractively priced products and services. We offer a multitude of Retail, Commercial and Corporate banking products that meet the financial needs of our customers. Choose from our wide range of products and services to meet your savings, investment and financing needs.
  1. Current accounts
  2. Savings accounts
  3. Financing options
Current account

Kick start your business with the right tools. Achieve better growth and greater success for your business with the SME Daily current account.

This is a non-interest bearing account for operational purposes for businesses and corporations.

This is an Interest bearing current account designated for the affluent segment with high turnovers and balances.

Savings account
Business Loans
These are loans and/or overdraft facilities extended to SME’s and local Corporate institutions engaged in profitable business activities in a variety of sectors including trade and commerce, transport, manufacturing and processing, fishing, building and construction, health, agriculture, tourism and recreation.

We offer financing against confirmed LPO’s /invoices from reputable organizations.

We know that timely and efficient execution of contracts is of essence to contractors , our contract finance enables you acquire the working capital to finance your new contract or existing contract.

We offer competitive overdraft facilities

We also provide temporary overdrafts to help you meet your urgent cash flow shortfalls against a specific repayment source.

We also extend financing against cheques drawn on reputable organizations for proven service delivered/work performed

You need a bank with strong financial muscle to compete in the international markets. At Orient Bank our trade financing options offer you the peace and make it easy for you to engage in international trade hence rising above the rest.

We do this by issuing letters of Credit and availing documentary collection services.

A bank guarantee represents OBL’s permanent promise to pay a specific sum of money to the holder of the guarantee if the requestor of the guarantee has not fulfilled its obligations.