The beauty of humanity lies most in our uniqueness. Upon this basis, we understand that each customer’s need for any banking service calls for a vital concept of self service in any product offering. Our e-banking product portfolio therefore covers self-service channels that are meant to enable our customers enjoy convenient and secure banking regardless of time and place.

Our Internet Banking platform gives you full access to your bank accounts with us to do all your banking transactions in the comfort of your office, home or en-route; online.

  Internet Banking Features

  • You are issued with a login ID
  • Supported by swype technology


  • Your Bank account is in your hands or is it on your fingers!!! But hey, the ‘big eye’ and its controls are watching. That’s what you entrusted us to do.

Economies keep growing and shifting in styles. Move with the times by transacting cashless. Whether you are our personal client or a merchant/business owner, this channel allows you to enjoy the benefits of sophisticated systems.

A POS terminal is a gadget that serves as an electronic cash register enabling bank customers to pay for goods and services using their Visa Cards. This channel operates in such a way that upon swiping or insertion, funds are transferred from the bank’s customer account to that of the seller or service provider commonly referred to as a Merchant. The POS terminals are positioned at Merchants’ places of business e.g. Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hotels and Restaurants, tours and travel e.t.c.

  POS Features

  • PIN based payment transactions
  • Supports mag stripe & chip cards


  • Reduces operational costs, eliminates cash handling risks and enhances security.
  • Convenience (Anytime at any merchant’s)

All our cards issued are VISA enabled chip and PIN.

  Cards  (VISA debit)

  • VISA Classic debit Card
  • VISA Gold debit card
  • VISA Infinite debit card


  • VISA (Chip & PIN) cards – safe and convenient.
  • Travel and access your account worldwide
  • (at VISA enabled machines – over 1m ATMs and 39m POS)
  • Being a debit card, you only get to spend funds that are available to your account.
  • Premium card holders (Gold and Infinite cards) receive additional benefits such as:
    • Comprehensive travel insurance
    • Medical and legal referral
    • Extended warranty
    • Emergency assistance

Orient Bank issues chip and PIN charge cards as a loyalty products to its clients on behalf of American Express. Such cards allow the user to spend and repay the money utilized within the month at the end of the month. Each of these cards attracts a specific annual card membership fee.

  Card features

  • Cards are classified into 4 categories based on the client’s requirements and can be issued to individuals or companies;
    • $5,000 for a Green Card
    • $10,000 for a Gold card
    • $35,000 for a Platinum card
    • $75,000 for a Centurion Card
  • Client is required to open up an equivalent rolling fixed deposit with Orient bank.
  • Client will go through a credibility assessment on their funding account.
  • Passport photographs, valid passport for identification and/or company documents and clear proof of residence or address also required.
  • The Centurion card however is issued by invitation from American Express.
  • Client can have supplementary cardholders
  • Client must repay their full balance at the end of each month


  • Lifestyle benefits such as dedicated concierge service and membership rewards, extended warranty and emergency assistance
  • Exclusive complementary travel benefits such as worldwide comprehensive travel insurance
  • Discounts on hotels and airfares

   AMEX card requirements for companies

  • Main card can only be issued to one Director while others hold supplementary cards.
  • Complete AMEX for company form
  • Company form 7
  • Utility bill in company’s names or rental agreement.
  • Certificate of incorporation or trading license

The world has moved fast and not only banking; everything seems to be moving to an individual’s palm. All in the name of self-service and bringing services closer to the customer. Our Mobile banking channel allows you to pull our banking hall up close right into your palm wherever you are, no matter the time. Technology has made it a very fast access and probably be the most secure channel given that all transactions are tagged to a single phone number and a unique PIN (well, provided these are safely guarded).

  Mobile Banking

  • You MUST generate a unique PIN and labor to change it regularly or anytime you suspect possible leakage.

  Benefits & functionalities

  • Viewing of balances and mini-statements
  • Buy airtime of selected mobile networks
  • Utility payments (UMEME, NW&SC, URA, KCCA)
  • Obtain forex rates
  • Transfer funds to nominated in-house accounts
  • Inter account transfers for the same client
  • Change your password/PIN